5-13 OCTOBER 2023

Dear healthcare professionals, legal experts, lawyers, and academics who are interested in medical law,

Medical law is a developing, dynamic branch of science, it is of the essence to find solutions to the legal problems which arise with the development in medicine at the same rate. For this reason, scientists and practitioners should elucidate and discuss the current issues at the congress, symposium and panels in order to contribute to the resolution of legal disputes and to the regulations of the legislatures.

With these aims, the International Medical Law Congress is being held every two years. Our first congress was held on September 02-05, 2015 in Bodrum, named as ‘National Medical Law Congress with International Participation (Case Discussion)’ and communiqués were published. The second congress was held on September 20-24, 2017 in Antalya, named as ‘II. International Medical Law Congress’ and subsequently the congress book was published. Our third congress was held on October 09-12, 2019 in Antalya. In our congress, we invited physicians, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, academic members and lecturers, other healthcare professionals and teaching assistants and students in the relevant field to present papers and to participate in our congress. We had participants from 17 countries and the Congress was taken place in 5 halls simultaneously. The presentations of the Congress were also published in two volumes in 2020.

The International Medical Law Congress was organized online for the first time due to the pandemic on 8-9-10 January 2021 and ıt was hosted by the Dokuz Eylul University, the Dean of the Faculty of Law. In addition to Turkish participants, 25 foreign participants from 19 countries including Germany, Albania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Spain, Italy, Japan, Canada, Kazakhstan, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Macedonia, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine attended to the Congress and gave presentations on current and/or new issues regarding medical law. In the congress, physicians, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, academics, other healthcare professionals, assistants and students presented papers their papers in German, English, Arabic and Turkish.  A total of 58 sessions were held at the congress, with a total of 139 papers, 9 of which were in German and 15 in English, in 3 halls simultaneously. In this way, our congress has been the most comprehensive medical law congress of all time held in our country. The presentations of this congress were also published in three volumes in 2021.

The 5th  International Medical Law Congress was held on 27-28 August 2021 at the Dokuz Eylul University Seferihisar/Urkmez facilities as a hybrid Congress which was hosted by the Dokuz Eylul University, the Dean of the Faculty of Law. 59 speakers, 30 of them foreign and 29 of them Turkish, who are experts in the field of medical law, attended this international congress. The presentations were also published in 2021.

With the power of the successes that we achieved in the congresses, we kept working together with the same congress managers, the organizing committee, the scientific advisory board, the secretariat, and the organization company, and organized this event.

We are proud of organizing these Congresses which have always been a pioneer among law congresses in Turkey and is a first in the field of medical law. The 6th International Medical Law Congress will also be hosted by the Dokuz Eylul University, the Dean of the Faculty of Law with the support of the Unity of Physician Union on the cruise ship MSC Splendida on 5-13 October 2023 from the route of Istanbul-Venice-Istanbul.

We have kept the main topics and titles that can be presented at the congress very broad. In addition, participation in the congress is not limited to these issues, these are only suggestions. Therefore, with all respect to those who set their hearts on and are interested in medical and health law, we hope to see you in our Congress.

We would like to thank all the participants and wish them success in the hope that the congress will be productive and make great contributions to the medical law of our country.



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Prof. Dr. M. Refik KORKUSUZ

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hakan HAKERİ


Att. Arb. Cahid DOĞAN


Prof. Dr. Atilla ARINCI – Istanbul University, Istanbul Medical Faculty, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Clinic, Lecturer

Prof. Dr. Serkan ÇINARLI – Dean of Bakırçay University Faculty of Law.

Prof. Dr. Murat DOĞAN – Erciyes University Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hakan HAKERİ – President of Medical Law Institute , The Law Office Istanbul

Prof. Dr. M. Refik KORKUSUZ- Dean of Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Law

Assoc. Dr. Turgay AKALIN – Cyprus American University Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Assoc. Dr. Baharak SHAHED – Urmia Islamic Azad University Faculty of Law, IRAN

Jurist Physician Dr. Yakup Gökhan DOĞRAMACI- Physician Union Union President Assist.

 Att. arb. Sunay AKYILDIZ – President of Medical Law Association

Att. arb. Cahid DOĞAN – Institute of Medical Law


Prof. Dr. Çetin Arslan-Hacettepe University Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Gürol Cantürk-Ankara University Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Dr. Ramazan Çağlayan –Hacı Bayram Veli University Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Nesrin Çobanoğlu-Gazi University Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Dr. Serkan Çınarlı-Bakırçay University Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Barbaros Dokumacı-Private Bayrampaşa Kolan Hospital

Prof. Dr. Murat Doğan-Erciyes University Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Afsun Ezel Esatoğlu- Ankara University Faculty of Health Sciences

Prof. Dr. Ülker Gül-Health Sciences University Gülhane Faculty of Medicine, Department of Dermatology

Prof. Dr. Recep Gülşen-Iğdır University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Nadi Günal-Ankara University Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Merdan Mehmet Hekimoğlu-Dean of International Final University Faculty of Law.

Prof. Dr. Halil Kalabalık-Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Erdal Kalkan-Necmettin Erbakan University Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Dr. Erkan Küçükgüngör  -Hacettepe University Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Hans Lilie-Martin Luther University Faculty of Law,Germany

Prof. Dr. Elena Marchetti-Griffith University School of Law, Australia

Prof. Dr. Arın Namal-Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Dr. Akihiro Onagi-Hokkaido University, Faculty of Law, Japan

Prof. Dr. Korkut Özkorkut-Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences

Prof. Dr. Ergun Özsunay-Istanbul University Faculty of Law E. Instructor

Prof. Dr. Hanefi Özbek-Medipol University Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Dr. Hayrunnisa Özdemir-Ankara Social Sciences University Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Çağlar Özel -Özyeğin University Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Vera Lucia Raposo-Ass Professor Of Thefaculty Of. Law Of Macau University, Çin;Professor Of Thefaculty Of Law Of Coimbraunıversity, Portugal

Prof. Dr. İkbal Sibel Safi-Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Nilgün Sarp– Director of Final International University Graduate Education Institute Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Prof. Dr. Nedime Serakıncı-Ph.D., MSc. Special Health Adviser Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Presidency

Prof. Dr. Anna Serebrennikova-Head of Criminal Law and Criminology Department, Faculty of Law, Lomonosov University, Moscow

Prof. Dr. Erdal Yerdelen-Ankara Social Sciences University Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Fadıl Yıldırım-Hacı Bayram Veli University Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Erdal Yüzbaşıoğlu-Ophthalmologist and Lawyer

Ass. Prof. Dr. Maria Petrova-Lecturer, Sofia University Law Faculty /Bulgaria

Doç. Dr. Bahar Öcal Apaydın-Eskişehir Osman Gazi University Faculty of Law

Doç. Dr. Yıldız Abik-Ankara University Faculty of Law Faculty Member

Doç. Dr. Turgay Akalın-Cyprus American University Vocational School of Health

Doç. Dr. Levent Börü -Hacettepe University Faculty of Law

Doç. Dr. Burcu Özcan Büyüktanır-Hacettepe University Faculty of Law Civil Law Faculty Member

Doç. Dr.  Yasemin Durak-Kırıkkale University Faculty of Law

Doç.Dr. Ali Ekin-Recep Tayyip Erdogan University Faculty of Law

Doç. Dr. Celâl Işıklar-Kto Karatay University Faculty of Law

Doç. Dr. Şölen Külahçı-Assistant Dean of Cyprus International University Faculty of Law

Dr. Ögr. Ü. Gül Ateş-Çankırı Karatekin University Faculty of Dentistry

Dr. Öğr. Ü. Engin Aydın-Bandırma University Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Öğr. Ü. Zeynep Burcu Akbaba-Uludag University Faculty of Law

Dr. Öğr. Ü. Sezercan Bektaş-Sakarya University Faculty of Law

Dr. Öğr. Nazmiye Özenbaş Boydağ-Anadolu University Faculty of Law

Dr. Öğr. Ü. Çağlar Burak Burtan-Bandırma University Vocational School of Justice Deputy Director

Dr. Öğr. Şafak Parlak Börü– Hacettepe University Faculty of Law

Dr. Öğr. Gülçin Çam-Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University Faculty of Law

Dr. Öğr. Ü. Ömer Ergün-Dicle University Faculty of Law Civil Law Faculty Member, Director of Vocational School of Justice

Dr. Öğr. Ü. Yakup Korkmaz-Yalova University Faculty of Law

Dr. Öğr. Ü. Arif Hüdai Köken– Kırşehir Ahi Evran University Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Öğr. Ü. Hatice Demir Küreci-Muğla Sıtkı Kocaman University Faculty of Medicine

Dr.Öğr.Üyesi Bülent Kıran-Ege University Faculty of Pharmacy, Head of Department of Pharmacy Management

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Serdar Nart-Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Law

Dr. Öğr. Ü. Ayşe Almıla Pazarcı-Gaziantep University Oğuzeli Vocational School

Dr. Pardis Moslemzade Tehrani-Malayya University Faculty of Law, Malaysia


Jasmina Krstenic-Deputy public prosecutor, Focal Point For serbian judges and prosecutors, Member Of Theconsultative Board Of Help Programme Of Thecouncil Of Europe İn Strasbourg, France, Member Of Thenational Network Forapplication Of European standards Of Human Rights court protection İn Serbia, Coordinator Of The group for criminal law

Susanna Suleimanova-Lecturer At The department Of The civil procedure National University “Odessa Law Academy”



Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Zeynep Burcu AKBABA-Uludag University Faculty of Law

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Ecem KİRKİT-İzmir Demokrasi University Faculty of Law

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Arif Hüdai KÖKEN-Kırşehir Ahi Evran University Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Yakup Gökhan DOĞRAMACI-Physician, Doctor of Law, Deputy Chairman of the Physician Union

Att. Gülce CANDEMİR-Medical Law Scientist

Att. Hakime İrem KARABAĞ

LL.M Nuray ÇELİK-Medical Law Scientist, Occupational Health and Safety U., Health Tourism U. Philologist



These mentioned topics are for suggestion purposes and presentations on others in the field of medical law can be made.

(Click for subheadings)

Liability of Occupational Physicians and Other Healthcare Professionals Due to the Work Accidents

Legal Characteristics and Consequences of Providing Health Advice on the Internet

Consent Problem in Gender Reassignment Surgery in Hernaphrodite Children

Legal Remedies for Medical Records

Legal Consequences of Performing Medical Intervention in Non-Specialized Area

Consequences of Physicians’ Advertising Ban

Neuroscience Law

Medical Damages Arising from Cosmetic Products

Legal and Criminal Liability Arising from Medical Devices

Types of Hospital Contract

Informed Consent and Privacy in Psychiatry

Legal Issues Non-Surgical Cosmetic Interventions

Traditional and Integrative Medicine and Law

Diagnostic Test Kits and At-Home Diagnostic Test Kits and Law

Public Health and Chronic Diseases and Law

Penalties Implemented by SSI on Physicians, Pharmacies and Hospitals

Orphan Medicines and the Right to Health

Legal Procedures Regarding Medicines Not-Paid by SSI

Contract Types in Health Tourism Law

Malpractice in in Health Tourism Law

Liability of the Administration in Health Tourism Law

Protection of Patient’s Privacy Health Tourism Law

Liability of Intermediary Institutions in Health Tourism Law

Health Tourism Law

Indication for Medical Intervention for Beautification

Informing Patient and Obtaining Consent in Aesthetic Medical Interventions

Malpractice in in Aesthetic Medical Interventions

Protection of Personal Data in Aesthetic Medical Interventions

Physician’s Liability on Aesthetic Medical Interventions Defects (Debt Assumption of Defect, Obligation of Warranter (Turkish Code of Obligation, Articles 474-478)

Physicians Liability Arising from Aesthetic Interventions Defects

Indication in in Aesthetic Medical Interventions

Guaranteeing Results in Aesthetic Medical Law

Compensation Liability in Aesthetic Medical Interventions in Dentistry

Physician’s Liability in Health Service Negligence

Are Specialized Courts Necessary for Malpractice?

Recourse Institution for Malpractice in Public Practice within the Scope of Current Legal Regulations

Mediation in Medical Law

Disputes Caused by Anomaly Detections Errors in Pregnancy

Effect of the Scope of Informing on Negligence in ROP Files

Evidence Problems in Malpractice Lawsuits

Issues on Implementation of Physician Insurance

Legal Liability in the Use of Reproductive Technologies

Legal Liability Arising from Uterine Transplantation

The Crime of Organ and Tissue Transplant Trafficking

Reproductive Right After Death

Legal Liability in Intensive Care Practices

Consent of Spouse in Abortion During the Course of Divorce

Clinical Research and Law

Non-Clinical Research and Law

Crimes Committed Against the Fetus by Healthcare Professionals

Application of Permission for Criminal Investigation and Prosecution in Malpractice

Autonomous Health Tools and Legal Liability

Medical Technological Developments and Legal Assessment

Robotic Interventions and Legal Liability

The Use of AI in Medicine and Legal Liability

Telemedicine, Distance Contracts and Legal Liability

Telemedicine and Its Legal Consequences

AI and Medical Interventions

Emergency Health Technologies and Law

Military Health Technologies and Law

Interfaces of Brain Computer and Law

Technologies for Home Care Services and Law

Medical Robotics and Law

Prosthetics and Orthotics Technologies and Law

Rehabilitation Technologies and Law

Design of Simulator for Health Education and Law

Health Data and Research and AI Applications and Law

Digital Transformation Technologies in Health and Law

Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications in Health and Law

Artificial Bodies and Law

Medical Devices and Law

Clinical Decision Support Systems and Law

Legal and Criminal Liability of Pharmacists

Processes of Pharmaceutical Licensing

Legal and Criminal Liability of Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Patent in Pharmaceutical Industry

Legal Problems Arising from the Making and the Use of Magistral Medicines

Liability Arising from the Use of Placebo in Medical Treatment and Clinical Trials


Obligations of Physician In the Contract of Work

Work Delivery Debt of Physician In the Contract of Work

Tissue Engineering and Law

Bioinformatics and Law

Cancer and Law







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